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WTO in Limbo – What Next?

WTO In Limbo – Options for Western Countries A commentary on the emergence of the OECD as the most viable institution to conclude new multilateral rules, standards even binding agreements in face of the difficulties facing the WTO. Published by the Canadian Global Affairs Institute in June 2022.

Trends in Global Governance

This is an overview of the major global governance trends – treaties, governmentally-endorsed business practices and, especially, private sector standards and actions. The latter isn’t largely recognized but, even if not legally required, these voluntary practices and standards have an important impact on global trade. Brave New World CGAI June 2021

Line 5 & the Canada-US Pipeline Treaty

This comment looks at the 1977 Pipeline Treaty, binding on the United States, designed especially to guaranty unimpeded pipeline transit. It was approved by the U.S. Senate (including by then Senator Biden) specifically to prevent any state or province from interfering with hydrocarbon shipments. This means the U.S. president has to take steps to ensure… Read More »

Reshoring Initiative Targets Behaviours, Not Laws

This is an opinion piece of mine in the Globe & Mail (Toronto), 20 April 2021, commenting on how private sector actions – such as guidelines, standards and certifications – can affect international business and trade. These are developments that don’t depend on, and are separate from, governmental actions like statutes or treaties.

New US China Trade Deal-Betrayal of WTO Rules?

This is a commentary in the Report on Business on the recently-announced US-China trade deal, a short-term arrangement that, in my view, is contrary to the non-discrimination (MFN) rules in the WTO Agreement. It’s a purely two-way deal that favours US businesses to the prejudice of other WTO members. US China Trade Deal Comment 23 January… Read More »