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NATO, Defense and Canadian Well-Being

This is an op-ed (14 February 2024) that explains how Canada’s poor record in meeting NATO defense expenditure obligations – and other commitments to its allies – weakens the country’s geopolitical influence and its ability to resolve economic, commercial and trade matters, ultimately impacting on the well-being of Canadians generally. It’s a call for changes… Read More »

Neighbourly relations with the U.S. are over

GLOBE & MAIL 31 May 2018 LAWRENCE L. HERMAN © 2018 Former Canadian diplomat, practices international trade law at Herman & Associates and is a Senior Fellow of the C.D. Howe Institute in Toronto.   The Trump administration’s announcement of punitive tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum yesterday means we’re into a full-blown economic and… Read More »

Keeping Up With Sanctions – a Challenge

The Problem In concert with its western allies, Canada has instituted a series of trade and economic sanctions against Iran, Syria, Russia, plus about twenty other countries and failed states. These can be tricky seas to navigate for Canadians, doubly treacherous because of the criminal penalties involved when sanctions are transgressed. The challenges are compounded… Read More »