Putin May Never Face Justice for War Crimes

This is an op-ed piece in the Globe and Mail (Toronto) commenting on Russian war crimes, explaining the application of the 1946 Nuremberg Principles to the horrendous actions of Mr. Putin and his acolytes. The caveat is that chances are nil that these individuals will ever face justice (in person) for their crimes.

Sanctions – Embedded in the Structure of Global Trade

The Ukraine war has resulted in a huge array of Western sanctions, extraordinarily coordinated, that will be a lasting element in the global trading order. This opinion piece in the Globe in May 2022 explains their impact and the political difficulties of winding these down, even if and when this war ends. Russian Sanctions Will… Read More »

WTO in Limbo – What Next?

WTO In Limbo – Options for Western Countries A commentary on the emergence of the OECD as the most viable institution to conclude new multilateral rules, standards even binding agreements in face of the difficulties facing the WTO. Published by the Canadian Global Affairs Institute in June 2022.