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Sanctions – Embedded in the Structure of Global Trade

The Ukraine war has resulted in a huge array of Western sanctions, extraordinarily coordinated, that will be a lasting element in the global trading order. This opinion piece in the Globe in May 2022 explains their impact and the political difficulties of winding these down, even if and when this war ends. Russian Sanctions Will… Read More »

Russian Trade Roulette

The current cavalcade of sanctions and counter-sanctions in the Russian-Ukraine crisis ultimately involves issues of trade rules under the WTO Agreement. I commented on this in an op-ed piece in the Globe and Mail today (August 8, 2014), my view being that, contrary to the Russian threat, it’s Russian trade retaliation against the West, including… Read More »

Russian Sanctions – A Moving Target

Canada’s sanctions against Russia and Ukraine are a moving target and are expanded on an ongoing basis, particularly in light of the evolving situation in that part of the world. This note adds to comments I made previously on this Blog. I anticipate that Canada will tighten the Russian sanctions in light of the downing… Read More »