Looming Possibility of TPP Deal

By | May 12, 2015

We are getting down to the wire on a possible Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal.  Top negotiators from all TPP countries are meeting in Guam 15-26 May to try to put some of the final touches on the accord.

A lot of things still have to fall into place, notably the US Congress granting long-delayed negotiating authority to President Obama. As well, the US and Japan have to sort out their talks on agriculture and other market access issues, which if agreed, will the swept into the agreement.

It seems that Canadian business isn’t paying enough attention to this exercise, not being terribly vocal in support, in contrast to the strong endorsements given 25 years ago when Canada and the US were negotiating the Free Trade Agreement. This is leaving the field open to the opposition, like the Canadian dairy farmers, who are staunchly opposed to any agreement that weakens their protectionist supply management system.

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