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Canada-China Investment Treaty Wont Open Floodgates

Here is a commentary of mine that was published in the Financial Post on October 2, 2014. To see the actual FP piece, click here. October 2, 2014 China investment treaty no sell-out Special to Financial Post Lawrence L. Herman: Predictions of doom over the Canada-China deal aren’t borne out by real-life experience Predictions of… Read More »

Germany, Canada and Investment Protection – Another Look

The reported German rejection of Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) in the Canada-EU trade and investment agreement, while inexcusably late in the day, shouldn’t come as a total surprise. The July 26 Sueddeutsche Zeitung report simply articulates Germany’s growing distrust over these binding investment arbitration provisions, of particular German concern in the context of the EU-US… Read More »