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A Short BREXIT Primer – What It Means for Canada

With the unthinkable – being increasingly discussed – of Britain withdrawing from the EU, questions are asked as to what this means for Canada. What are the implications for the Canada UK trade? And how does it affect the Canada-EU trade agreement? The answer is simple. Brexit will mean a lot of uncertainty on the trade… Read More »

House of Commons Trade Committee – TPP Presentation

Lawrence Herman appeared before the House of Commons Trade Committee, at their request, on 5 May 2016, to present testimony on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP). The following are notes from Mr. Herman tabled with the Committee. Lawrence L. Herman Notes for Presentation, 5 May 2016 Introduction The following are general comments on the TPPA… Read More »

Trans Pacific Trade – Hold Your Horses

Many of us are hopeful that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations will wrap up sometime soon and that the deal will require Canada to open up its highly-protected dairy, poultry and eggs sectors – dairy being the most egregiously protected, outmoded Soviet-style regime. Trade negotiations aren’t a zero-sum game, and if Canada has to compromise… Read More »

Trans-Pacific Trade – Canada Under Pressure

With the passage by the US Senate of Obama’s long-sought-after trade negotiating authority this week, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) effort will start to move to its final wrap-up. Other countries were holding back until the necessary bill (called Trade Promotion Authority or “fast-track”) was enacted. This will put tremendous pressure on Canada to open up… Read More »

Trade, Innovation and Middle-Class Prosperity

A lot of media discussion about international trade gets caught up in process – the events at the WTO in Geneva, the next meeting of trade negotiators, plans for the next ministerial gathering, what’s happening in the various forums with confusing acronyms – TPP, CETA, NAFTA, ASEAN, APEC, and on and on. Trying to make… Read More »